Snow Skin Sunscreen

The sun and the sun rays can burn the skin, and that’s something very important to bear in mind before getting tanned in summer.

However, many people do not know that the sun is especially harmful in the snow and that’s why they end up with the face and hands red and aching after a skiing day. This is because snow is white and reflects up to 80% of UV rays, so they directly affect the uncovered skin.

On the other hand, solar radiation increases up to 15% every 1000 meters over sea levels. Therefore, not using sunscreen in these cases is almost reckless.

In winter, the skin is more sensitive to UV rays as it’s not as used to them like it is during the summer. Besides burns, such radiation can cause cell death and skin loss, the appearance of early signs of ageing and, in some cases, the appearance of melanoma.

The main difference between the conventional sun protection and the special protection for snow is that snow sun protection is obliged to protect UVA and UVB while normal sun protection is not. In addition, they never have a SPF lower than 15. They usually have at least a SPF of 30.

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