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  • Formula of plants with analgesic and digestive action that helps relieve migraines and migraines.
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Soria Natural

Soria Natural Origins

Soria Natural is a leading Spanish company in the field of natural dietetics, founded in 1982, at which time the market for natural medicine and phytotherapy were still unknown to the majority of the population.

The founder was Antonio Esteban, a renowned expert in the beneficial qualities of medicinal plants. As an industrial training expert, he decided to commit himself in body and soul to the idea of creating Soria Natural as an alternative means of income, after suffering financially during a severe economic crisis at that time. It all began with a very simple process, packaging medicinal herbs, although he knew that in order to develope and grow his business he would have to make the procedure more sophisticated. To carry out this work, he set up a small factory, designed for the collection and processing of medicinal herbs, which today has become one of the most important laboratories in the field of Natural Medicine.

His success can be put down to a number of factors: exhaustive quality control, a meticulous research plan, development and innovation and a tremendous camaraderie among all the professionals working there.

Soria Natural has more than 20 natural supplement lines and over 700 references, providing consumers with an extensive range of products to cover all their health needs. The company offers natural remedies that meet the most demanding quality standards and that are available in many different forms, from teas to capsules, liquid extracts, as tablets or in phials with a patented assimilation system.

One of the strengths of Soria Natural is its large network of points of sale, distributed accross the whole of Spain. You can also find their branded products in more than 3,500 retail stores. The company has also established itself at the international level and has 5 of its own branches in the USA, Portugal, Germany, Morocco and Mexico and is currently present in twenty-eight countries through commercial distributors.

Soria Natural even has its own mobile App where you can find information about medicinal plants and can view images, descriptions, active principles, main properties and so on. They also have a Youtube Channel where you can find healthy recipes and a multitude of nutritional tips.

Special mention should be made of their Botanical Garden, opened by her Majesty Queen Sofia on May 12, 2009 on the occasion of her visit to the Soria Natural facilities. This garden has an area of 3000 m2 and comprises hundreds of samples of their medicinal herbs so that visitors can learn about the therapeutic benefits of each one of them.

Table of contents

    1. Soria Natural Origins
    2. Soria Natural Philosophy
    3. Soria Natural product lines
    4. Soria Natural organic crops
    5. Soria Natural = Guaranteed quality

Soria Natural Philosophy

Efficacy, safety and quality are the three values upheld by the Soria Natural brand. Improving the quality of people's lives is Soria Natural's reason to be. Therefore, the company does everything necessary to ensure that research, innovation, dynamism, staff training and respect for the environment all continue at the same level. The sense of social responsibility that they have for their consumers ensures that they never lower their standards and keep working every day to provide them with new natural solutions designed to meet their needs.

Soria Natural product lines

Natural Soria currently has three divisions: Soria Natural, the benchmark herbal medicine and dietetics brand, marketing its products in health food stores and pharmacies, a Foods Division that works on the cultivation, processing and marketing of organic and special foods, and Homeosor, which is a Pharmaceutical Division responsible for distributing their range of homeopathic and phytotherapeutic food supplements to pharmacies.

The company also runs the Soria Natural Golden Class project, a franchise offering natural medicine products, parapharmacies, dietetics, nutrition, and beauty services.

Soria Natural organic crops

The company's crops have a place on a plantation with a surface area of  380 hectares, all certified as ecological. There are 70 species of plants growing close to the source of the Douro River in a clean environment. The crops are fed by rainwater and from a spring, by means of an innovative system of sustainable irrigation and an organic vegetable-based fertiliser. Soria Natural products are certified by the Castilla and Leon Organic Farming Council (CAECYL), in accordance with EU regulations, fulfulling all necessary criteria required by the ecological quality seal.

Soria Natural = Guaranteed quality

The Soria Natural manufacturing process is carried out in facilities with the most innovative controlled atmospheric and temperature conditions, which together with the meticulous work done in the laboratory and quality control department, guarantees the quality of each of the brand's products. Quality control is done in three phases: raw ingredients, product processing and finished product.

All Soria Natural products undergo a number of processes to analyse and quantify the active ingredients, pesticides, heavy metals, microbiological aspects, radioactivity etc. Their quality management system is in accordance with ISO 9001, which is awarded by the Spanish Association for Standardisation and Certification (AENOR), while their environmental management system is based on European standard ISO14001: 2004, created by the International Committee for the Organisation of Technical Standardisation (ISO) and ratified by the European Committee for Standardisation.

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