Soy Lecithin

Why buy Soy Lecithin Supplements?

Lecithin is a substance that is naturally present in the brain cells. Taking lecithin dietary supplements helps to improve the focus and stimulates the cognition.

Some of the main benefits of soy lecithin are:

  • Strengthening the mucosa, protecting the stomach and intestines.
  • Preventing pathological changes in the liver which can be harmful for the cells while helping to repair the cells that have already been damaged.
  • Inhibiting the absorption of cholesterol by the body, which helps to lower the fats and "bad cholesterol".
  • Helping to treat an embolism after an accident or healing bone fractures.
  • Supporting the response and learning abilities.

It is an ingredient rich in several vitamins, for instance, the B complex (choline and inositol), vitamin E and phosphorus.

Due to its nutrient supply, it does not have any side effect or contraindication. As always, in HSN we suggest consulting your doctor if you suffer some kind of disease.

Particularly, taking soy lecithin supplements can benefit:

  • Children, since it stimulates the development of the brain and the learning capacity
  • Adolescents during growth phase and to deal with the stress of studying and exams
  • Adults tend to benefit from this natural substance, since it increases attention and responsiveness, apart from having many positive benefits for the body
  • Pregnant women
  • Athletes, since it shortens the muscle recovery processes
  • The elderly, since it increases the cognitive performance, prevents the hardening of the arteries, and helps to reduce the fat in the liver.

Where can I buy Soy Lecithin?

You can buy soy lecithin supplements in HSN in order to benefit from all the nutrients and benefits of this interesting ingredient. Taking its natural format will help you deal with common disorders, such as stress and cholesterol, which are quite common problems nowadays.

Soy Lecithin Benefits and Properties

Soy Lecithin – An ideal supplement against Cholesterol

Lecithin is the best effective natural substance in order to cope with stress. If you want to keep your nerves under control and improve your memory, then, lecithin will be your best ally. Those who take this supplement regularly feel calm and they are able to deal with stress and nervousness.

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  • Soy lecithin. It lowers the cholesterol, improve the cognition and improves the hepatic health.
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  • Ginkgo Biloba and Soy lecithin. It provides 60mg of Ginkgo Biloba and 1000mg of lecithin per daily dose.
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  • Minerals, vitamins, Omega 3 fatty acids, Coenzyme Q10, amino acids, glucosamine sulfate, chondroitin sulfate and methylsulfame.
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