Sport Towels
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  • Useful towel for the gym with the HSNstore logo.
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  • Training towel with a pocket to keep small object safe.
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    11.89 €
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  • 100% Cotton towel. Soft and resistant.
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  • Special gym towel by BiotechUSA. Available in two colors.
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  • 12.90 €
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    Women's gym towel 100% cotton.
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  • Towel for the gym. Light, smooth and absorbent.
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    12.09 €
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  • 100% Cotton Towel ideal for the gym.
    Gift for orders over 25€
    6.99 €
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  • Sport towel made of 100% cotton.
    -10% DTO
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  • 7.90 €
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Sport Towels

Sport towels have become a necessary and basic element to do exercise at the gym in order to avoid leaving sweat on the machines while training.

With its different sizes and materials, the main feature of a perfect towel is that it has to be easy to transport in order to avoid carrying too much weight on our way to the gym.

The main fabrics that are used to make sport towels are:

  • Cotton
  • Microfiber

Purchase Sport Towels

Check out the HSN catalog and find sport towels made of different material that will absorb the sweat while you train at the gym.

The best brands at the best price. Check out the products from our brand HSN as well, they come with our logo and the best features to help you reach your goals.

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