What is Sucralose?

Sucralose is an non-nutritive artificial sweetener (without calories) that is obtained from sugar.

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It was discovered in 1976 as a result of a common research project carried out by Tate & Lyle and the Queen Elizabeth College in London, RU. Both were studying the relation structure-flavor of the sugar molecule and they noticed that they could enhance the flavor while removing its calories just by changing the structure of sugar in a certain way.

How is Sucralose obtained?

Sucralose is obtained through a patented multi-phase procedure that selectively replaces three hydrogen-oxygen groups of the sugar molecule with three chloride atoms. Common sugar is changed three hydroxyl groups (positions 1, 4, and 6) for three chloride atoms.

The result is a sweetener that is 600 times sweeter than sugar and that it does not have any calories.

Properties of Sucralose

Sucralose is not metabolized to provide energy for the organism, which means that it provides zero calories. Our organism does not recognize it as a sugar nor as a carbohydrate, even if it comes from sugar.

When we consume sucralose, most of it is not absorbed and it simply goes through the digestive system. The little amount of sucralose that is absorbed is quickly eliminated through the urine.

Diabetic people can consume Sucralose

An extensive database of scientific research proves that sucralose does not have harmful effects for health and it is safe for all types of consumers, including diabetic people, children, and pregnant women. A lot of studies have proven that sucralose is completely safe for diabetic people. It cannot affect the levels of glucose in the blood or the insulin response since the organism does not identify it as a carbohydrate. These studies have been carried out by measuring a prolonged consumption of high doses of sucralose in diabetic people and healthy people.

Benefits of Sucralose

It does not produce caries

A point in favor of sucralose is that the bacteria from the mouth cannot break it down, which means that it does not damage the enamel nor does it produce caries.

It is highly advisable for weight-control diets

We all fancy a sweet treat from time to time, however, we know that an excess is never good if what we want is to follow a balanced diet that will benefit our health. Since sucralose is a sweetener without calories, it can be useful when it comes to reaching your weight-loss objectives. It is truly a great substitute for sugar because its flavor is very similar and it does not provide any calories. You can perfectly add it to coffee, tea, and juices, or use it for bakery without any regrets.

It is safe for the environment

Several environmental studies were carried out to evaluate the safety of sucralose and they guarantee that sucralose does not harm the environment. The environmental studies have proven that sucralose is not a harmful substance for the flora nor the fauna, and it does not bioaccumulate. Moreover, sucralose does not hinder the treatment of wastewater.

Sucralose is inherently biodegradable

In the earth, sucralose is decomposed in salt, water, and carbon dioxide.

Who can benefit from Sucralose?

  • Those who want to control the amount of calories from their diet or who want to reduce the consumption of sugars from their diet without giving up sweets.
  • Those who suffer alterations of the metabolism of glucose, like diabetic people or those who suffer the metabolic syndrome.
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