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Sun Care Products

Sun care products are focused on avoiding possible damage caused by UV and infra-red radiations. These are available in oils or creams to apply directly on the skin with the purpose of protecting it and keeping a good cell state.

The main function of sun protection products is to avoid sunburn. But, as every skin is different, these products are available in different intensities and protection factors. Those people with a darker skin colour, may have enough with a 15 SPF, while those with a pale skin colour may need over 50 SPF, for instance.  

There are plenty of sun oils and creams that, besides avoiding sunburn, they allow skin to get a nice and healthy tan, as the UV radiation will only affect cell pigmentation without burning them or irritate them.

On the other hand, there are also products for after sunbathing, After Sun products, which provide hydration to calm and relieve skin. They also protect skin from early ageing effects like pigmentations or expression lines.

After sun creams and lotions are fundamental after sunbathing despite not having burnt the skin, as the harmful effects of sunlight often go unnoticed. However, despite hiding, they are there and need to be treated.

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