Sunscreens are creams and lotions that are composed of several active ingredients that avoid UV and infra-red radiations to get to the skin and damage it. In fact they are also called sun blocks. They must be applied a few minutes before the exposure to the sun so the dermis has enough time to absorb it, and must be applied every 2 or 3 hours at most to guarantee an effective sun protection.

The best sunscreens are definitely those with blocking agents to prevent UVA and UVB from penetrating the skin, and prevent all type of skin diseases. In general, these products are usually classified depending on the SPF they have. SPF goes from 2 up to 50.

Sunscreen with a lower SPF have been designed for people with darker skin who do not tend to get sun burnt and want to get a tan easy and quick. On the other hand, those with a very high factor are better for kids and those with a paler and more delicate skin.

Furthermore, sunscreen with the highest SPF are usually free from chemicals and preservatives to not cause irritations. Anyway, it is necessary to distinguish those specially designed for greasy or sensitive skins. In these cases, they are made without lipids and have a greater cooling effect.

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