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Preserving the health of the prostate is one of the biggest challenges faced by men. In this category, we offer some natural supplements that can help them achieve this task. Improve your prostate health naturally with the supplements from the best brands and at the best prices. Many men start to suffer prostate enlargement as they grow old. It has been proven that consuming enough antioxidants improves the health of the prostate, protecting it against the inflammation, pain and the onset of cancer.

You can use antioxidants and natural homemade remedies for a prostate treatment including pomegranate and curcumin seeds, lycopene, fatty acids, incense and Omega 3.

The prostate gland is a male organ that plays an important role in the reproduction. With the passing of time, the prostate may begin to suffer several diseases.

It is advisable to start a treatment with natural medicines or home remedies as soon as we experience the first symptoms, such as prostate enlargement or prostatitis.

Important medicines and remedies to treat prostate problems in men over the age of fifty

The prostate is crucial for men's sexual health. As they grow old, men start to experience the symptoms of prostate enlargement, with inflammation and pain. Therefore, it is very important to follow an effective treatment and to use natural remedies that can fix any bladder problems and help to preserve the prostate health.

The prostate is a small gland located below the bladder and it is responsible for producing part of the seminal fluid. From the age of fifty onward, this important organ can develop certain problems, the most frequent symptoms consist of a benign enlargement or inflammation.

The symptoms of a prostate enlargement can create the need to urinate more frequently during the night, later on urinating will be almost impossible. This is due to the fact that the enlarged organ pushes the urethra more and more. Following a medical treatment and using effective remedies is indispensable, otherwise it can end up causing potentially deadly diseases.

Around 65000 men suffer prostate problems in our country every year. A diagnosis can be made through an exploration, by means of a PSA test or a biopsy. The treatment prescribed by the urologist will depend on the incontinence symptoms of each case, but medication is not the only remedy for this problem. There are other natural remedies that can be used in order to prevent prostate enlargement or prostatitis.

The most effective home remedies include lycopene, pomegranate, saw palmetto and curcumin. These remedies can be taken as dietary supplements with a glass of water.

Buy Supplements for Prostate Health

HSN has different products available to prevent prostate problems in men. The experts advise having an active lifestyle and doing exercise regularly apart from taking this supplements. This combo will prevent said prostate problems and improve the quality of life of many men.

Prostate problems

Prostate problems - Symptoms and Care

Each second, a man is diagnosed with prostate problems. Lycopene, a natural substance that is present in tomatoes, has the ability to protect the prostate thanks to its properties for our health.

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  • Saw Palmetto berry extract. It provides 160mg of Saw Palmetto per softgel.
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  • Saw Palmetto, Nettle Root, Lycopene and others.
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  • Pumpkin oil, saw palmetto, nettle and turmeric. With vitamins and minerals.
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  • It provides 160mg of Saw Palmetto extract and 1000mg of pumpkin seed oil per softgel.
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    Food supplement made from Saw Palmetto oil and pumpkin seed oil. Softgels suitable for Vegans!
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  • It provides 150mg of Saw Palmetto and 150mg of Nettle per daily dose. Specially for men.
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  • It encourages the health of the prostate.
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  • Saw Palmetto in vegetable capsules. It provides 300mg of Saw Palmetto extract per serving.
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