Terms of use

1. Identification

Harrison Sport Nutrition S.L. (a limited company in Spain) CIF: B72077159

  • C/ Lanjarón, Nave 5A, Pol. Juncaril 18220 Albolote (Granada) Spain
  • +34 958 490 853

2. Objectives

These Terms of Use detail the rights and obligations of all users of our website(s). Users are also informed of their rights and obligations in relation to web content, logos and brands and the responsibilities that may result from their use of the service.

All users expressly and unequivocally accept the Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy as modified from time to time and any future additions to the legal conditions. If you do not agree with any of these conditions, you may unsubscribe from the service at any time.

For the purposes of this agreement, it shall be understood that a person becomes a user at the time he or she accepts the Terms of Use (hyperlink here) and the Privacy Policy (hyperlink here), as detailed in our website. Usage of said website shall also be deemed as acceptance of both.

3. Responsibilities

We are fully committed to maintaining an operational service as agreed with our users. However, in the event of possible exceptions beyond our control such as malicious damage caused by third parties we will not be held accountable for users’ actions or consequential loss or other liability and the user(s) shall be responsible. Such situations include:

  • Content displayed on the website or information platform which has not been posted or is not hosted by us, or which has been published by an unauthorized external third party.
  • The website and the platform not being operational for reasons that are attributable to third parties or to unforeseen technical reasons or otherwise beyond our reasonable control, force majeure etc.
  • The storage, distribution or publication by user(s) of any material that is defamatory, abusive, discriminatory, illegal, immoral or which incites violence, contravenes public order or the fundamental rights, freedom, honour or privacy of others or which damages their reputation.
  • Any introduction by the user or users to the platform or web site of any malevolent data such as virus(es) or Trojan code stored on hardware or telecommunications equipment or any other instrument or electronic or physical device, and possible damage caused to other users’ systems.

If any of the content accessible through the website or platform is illegal or contrary to regulations, we undertake to withdraw it immediately we corroborate the facts.

4. Intellectual property

We are fully committed to protecting and defending intellectual and commercial property rights. We therefore inform you that:

    • In no case are any rights granted to use displayed content other than to view it.
    • We guarantee that all content offered to users will be original and compliant with relevant national law(s) and protected by intellectual property rights. In cases where we do not own the content, we have full rights to its public communication and its distribution and/or reproduction.
    • All logos, trademarks and trade names displayed on our website or platform are either our property or (if applicable) we have full rights to use it.
    • Under no circumstances shall browsing the website involve renunciation, transmission, license or total or partial assignment of any intellectual property rights, unless otherwise previously agreed by us in writing.
    • None of the content hosted on the platform may be downloaded, reproduced or otherwise used in any other device or storage media other than our website, unless specifically authorised or enabled by us in advance.
    • For security reasons, it is not permitted to use "frames" in Internet browsers (or web redirection) or any software or hardware mechanism which alters or varies the design, original form or content of our website.
    • We may display links or hyperlinks which facilitate your access to independent third-party websites and which are directly related to advertising displayed and reproduced through the website or platform. As these pages are not our property and are therefore outside our control, we shall not be held responsible for their content or for their operation.

Should you detect any content contrary to regulations or which is illegal or which may be harmful to users, we request that you notify us as soon as possible at the following address:

C / Lanjarón, ship 5A Juncaril Ind., 18220 Albolote (Granada), Spain.

5. Privacy and Data Protection

In accordance with the provisions of the Protection of Personal Data Law 15 /1999 dated 13th December 1999, all personal data provided during the use of the website will be treated in accordance with the provisions of our Privacy Policy which every user explicitly accepts to register and to use the system.

User acceptance of these Terms of Use also constitutes unequivocal and informed acceptance of our Privacy Policy together with its stipulated rights of access to, rectification, removal or amendment of their personal data. These rights may be exercised as detailed in the said Privacy Policy.

6. Resolution of Disputes

In the event of any litigation in connection with our website or any of the associated content or any dispute(s) arising from or related its use and the resolution thereof, Spanish law shall be applied through the courts and/or tribunals of Granada, Spain or where appropriate, consumer arbitration tribunals or similar to which we are subject at the time of any such dispute.

In the event of any user complaint or claim relating to the use of our service, please contact us in writing or by email at the addresses provided above. An amicable agreement and settlement is always preferred in the first instance.

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