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The Gym Chef

The Gym Chef is a company that makes sauces and food dressings aimed at the sports and fitness world. It was created in 2015 in the United Kingdom, by the hand of Gurpal Virdee, who developed the spices and seasoning for fitness athletes' and sportsmen's diets. Soon the success was spread by word of mouth, and the company was launched with the purpose of providing flavour and taste to your food without having to increase the calories that are consumed.

The Gym Chef uses quality ingredients in their spices to offer the athletes a dressing and seasoning low in calories, made from natural ingredients and full of flavour.

Their wide range of seasoning are suitable for all types of diets, as the do not posses any type of additive or preservative in their formulas and all of their ingredients are of vegetable origin. The selection of spices and sauces from The Gym Chef has the lowest amount of salt and sugar possible in comparison to similar products that are available on the market.

The Gym Chef offers seasoning and sauces to give your dishes taste while respecting and supporting the diet goals and the physical condition of each person. The technique for their use is very easy: simply sprinkle, cook and eat.

This company has known how to establish their goals and have focused on standing out from the competition by producing sauces and dressings low in salt, sugars and with completely natural ingredients.

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