Under Eye Bags

Under eye bags are one of the main aesthetic problems for many men and women along with wrinkles and skin pigmentation. They are usually caused by ageing, fatigue, water retention, stress or alcohol and tobacco abuse.

But, what are under eye bags exactly? In the first place, eye rings/circles and eye bags are not the same. Eye bags appear when the bottom eyelid accumulates liquids and toxins causing inflammation, and eye rings are the result of a skin pigmentation process, different from pigmentation caused by sunlight.

The bottom eyelid is a very delicate area, it is the thinnest part of the skin of the face. Then, the products used must have special ingredients that are not included in the traditional facial creams and must provide the optimal dose of hydration and nutrients.

Eye bag treatments are usually presented in cream or mask format and are composed of natural ingredients like cucumber, apple, almond oil and chamomile. These must be applied on the affected area every day and leave on for 15 or 20 minutes.

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  • Eye contour cream. With vitamins and plant extracts.
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  • Eye contour cream, significantly reduces the eye bags caused by tiredness and fatigue.
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