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USN is a prestigious sports supplementation brand of UK, founded in 1999 by Albé Geldenhuys, an enthusiast of MTB. Since the beginning, the idea was to develop sports nutrition supplements for all sports discipline.

Today, USN has been consolidated as the leader brand of sports nutrition in Europe. It manufactures maximum quality products meeting all the quality and safety EU regulations regarding manufacturing, labelling, presentation, etc.

Its main objective is help you get your fitness goals (weight loss, muscle growth, endurance increase, health care). USN has a wide range of products where you will find included amino acids, proteins, carbohydrates, fat burners, bars, etc.

The R&D department works in close collaboration with several international pharmaceutical industries to keep on improving its products and get a strict quality maintenance. USN is not only aimed at professional athletes, since anyone with an active a healthy lifestyle can benefit from its products.

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#ChallengeYourself is the motto with which USN encourages you to grow through effort and commitment. USN is aimed at all sportspeople, professional or amateur, who have a clear goal and who are willing to do anything to achieve it.

USN Product lines

  • CORE MUSCLE: This line includes sports supplements to grow muscle and improve performance. Protein shakes, meal replacements, wellbeing and general health care, whey formulas, creatine, BCAA, and essential vitamins.
  • WEIGHT CONTROL: This weight control line includes a varied product selection: Xedra-Cut Ultra XT and Diet Fuel Ultralean.
  • HARDCORE: Advanced line of strength and bodybuilding supplements.
  • PERFORMANCE: Energy drinks and gels made of electrolytes and carbohydrates. Wide range of products to take before, during and after endurance trainings.

Top Ventas USN

Athletes sponsored

USN sponsors many athletes worldwide who belong to very different sports disciplines (bodybuilding champions, rugby players, Tour de France, etc): Lydia Ress, Ryan Terry, Sandra Radav, Zara Hohn, Karen Carney, Sam Rossiter, William Bonac, Heather Schofields, Tom Coleman, Lee Constantinou, Claire Boyle, Nick Cameron, Caroline Sidell, Khrystie Gardner, Dave Titterton, Phoebe Little, Bella Falconi, Mark Hoban, Emma Storey-Gordon, Amy Guy, Rory Norman, Richard Gozdecki, Max O´Connor, Lee Powell, Jodie Broughton, James Ward, Lisa Picton, Graham Wadsworth, Andy Chatterton, Rich Sumpter, Gayle Vickers, Joe Thomas, Emily McLoughlin, Emily Kay, Ashley Picken, Lee Latchford-Evans, Rich Ellis, Lukas Dojka, Matej Kreštič, Emily Lingars, Jonny Getty, Josh Taylor..

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