Weight Bars
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Weight Bars

All fitness and gym passionate knows that working with bars is fundamental to get a toned and well-defined body. In fact, these elements can help work both upper- and lower muscles and, in general, almost all muscles of the body.

Since they allow varying workloads easily and quickly, each person can easily use them according to their characteristics, physical condition, needs and objectives regarding the improvement of the strength of the major muscle groups. This is accomplished, generally, by placing discs of different weights.

Bars are often made of plated steel, a very resistant material, and thanks to the inclusion of high relief areas, they allow an optimum grip. We must also say that there are two types of bars. First are those of 50 mm, a measure which is considered as the Olympic standard and therefore is used by professionals. Likewise, 25.4 are focused on amateur and semiprofessional use, as they only withstand limited weight loads.

On HSNstore we offer a wide variety of bars through which you get toned and strengthen many muscle groups to show off a nice and stylish body. In addition, they have all been made of the highest quality materials, so you can be sure that they will last many years.

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