Weight Discs

Weight discs (or plates) are fundamental elements for body building. This is because they are the ones that fit in the gym bars to increase the weight the person has to lift. Currently, there are several types.

Homemade discs are those that are made by people in their houses from different materials like cement, for example. In order to make yours, you will only need to build a mould, let the cement harden inside and there you have a perfect weight disc.

Olympic discs, on the other hand, are used by professionals. Their main feature is they are made for a 50mm bar. Likewise, there are others for 24.5mm bars for amateurs.

However, since discs allow us to exercise in so many different ways, we offer discs with handles included, which have the perfect size for the athlete’s hand. Furthermore, they can be used for ballast training.

Finally, you should know that those made of iron can include a rubber lining, or no lining at all. Anyway, the purpose remains the same and the utilisation of one or another will rely on the training place and the athlete’s needs.

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