White bean

White Kidney Bean is a food supplement with a series of nutrients for the body of athletes and those who follow a high intensity routine. The main benefits of white kidney bean supplements are a supply of carbs, protein and fiber, apart from having barely any fat, at least less than other legumes.

The carbohydrates from kidney beans have a slow absorption rate, meaning that they are a long lasting source of energy and muscle regenerator. Therefore, they are a helpful ingredient to recover after hard workouts or competitions. That is why it is advisable to purchase white kidney bean food supplements. Finally, it is also good for dieting and for muscle definition.

Where can I buy White Kidney Bean?

There are many supplementation products that have white kidney bean. In HSN, you will find some of them, although we suggest the white kidney bean extract, vegetable capsules that provide 500mg of white kidney bean extract. Each bottle has 120 tablets which have been produced by the brand HSNessentials.

You can buy this product at the best price in our online store. It has a very comfortable format for its transport, you can either take the whole bottle or pick a few capsules. Product ready for immediate dispatch

White Kidney Bean Benefits and Properties

White Kidney Bean – What is it, Properties and Benefits

Beans are one of the most complete legumes in terms of nutrients which provide many benefits for our health. There are many varieties of beans (more than 300), but the white kidney bean is one of the most interesting ones.

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  • WHITE KIDNEY BEAN EXTRACT (12:1) 500mg - HSN Essentials
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    Provides 500mg of White Kidney Bean per capsule. Vegetable capsules, suitable for vegetarians and vegans.
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  • It provides 1500mg of white bean extract (Phaseolus vulgaris) per daily dose.
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  • It provides 500mg of white bean extract and 100mg of CitriMax per daily dose.
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  • White Kidney Bean extract from Phaseolus vulgaris L. It provides 850mg of white kidney bean per daily dose.
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