ZMA is a food supplement whose proprietary formula combines zinc, magnesium and vitamin B6 naturally. The clinical trials have proven how ZMA increases the free testosterone levels and muscle strength in athletes who train in just 8 weeks.

ZMA supplements were developed after a thorough study that found out that around a 70% of athletes suffer from a zinc and magnesium deficiency.

Effects and benefits of ZMA supplements

Both zinc and magnesium are involved in many metabolic processes in the human body.

In the case of bodybuilders and athletes, its intake is much more important because it provides muscle gains.

Physical exercise can increase the need for zinc and magnesium. That is why a ZMA supplement is perfect to recharge these two minerals as well as vitamin B6.

The zinc from the ZMA formula increases the testosterone levels in a completely natural way. This is crucial if we want to improve the muscle growth process and its recovery.

In addition, it also helps to improve the performance and physical resistance.

Magnesium is involved in the proper functioning of the muscles, it improves the wound healing processes, increases the muscle mass, while providing relaxation and a restful sleep.

ZMA supplements also lower high cortisol levels, which can often result from intense workouts.

If we want to fix a deficiency from any of the compounds of this element, we can take ZMA supplements which contain a unique combination made from completely natural ingredients. ZMA dietary supplements are used to recharge these vital minerals that the body needs.

Where can I Buy ZMA?

We have a wide range of ZMA supplements in our catalog. For example, EvoZMA by HSNsports is a formula that combines two essential minerals, zinc and magnesium, and Tribulus Terrestris extract as well as vitamin B6, which works as an absorption cofactor.

It is one of the best products to improve the muscle recovery, stimulate muscle growth and support fat loss processes.

ZMA Benefits and Properties

ZMA - Supplements to increase the muscle strength and testosterone

ZMA is a food supplement whose formula combines zinc, magnesium and vitamin B6 naturally. The clinical trials have proven that ZMA increases the free testosterone levels and the muscle strength of athletes in just 8 weeks.

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    Exclusive formula: Magnesium + Zinc + Vitamin B6 + Aspartic Acid. Vegetable capsules.
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  • Increase testosterone by taking this powerful ZMA formula
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  • It provides 10mg of vitamin B6, 300mg of magnesium and 20mg of zinc per daily dose.
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  • It provides 300mg of magnesium per daily dose. With zinc and vitamin B6.
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  • Anabolic mineral formula with Zinc, Magnesium and Vitamin B6.
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  • It provides 250mg of magnesium, 15mg of zinc and 4mg of vitamin B6 per serving.
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  • It improves the rest and recovery while we sleep.
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  • Promotes natural testosterone synthesis.
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  • Optimal combination of Zinc, Magnesium and Vitamin B6. ZMA.
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  • Blend of Tribulus Terrestris with ZMA. It provides 2000mg of Tribulus Terrestris and 400mg of ZMA per daily dose.
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  • Zinc, magnesium, vitamin B6; it contributes to the protein synthesis and to the maintenance of the testosterone levels.
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    It stimulates the release of testosterone. Increases the energy, strength, and improves the quality of sleep.
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  • Zinc, magnesium, vitamin B6, vitamin C, vitamin E and iron. It provides 450mg of magnesium.
    GF GMO
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